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Casual, intimate, and wholly you.

I want to capture not only who you guys are but the feeling your love creates in the world. No two love stories are alike, and that's exactly what I love so much about working with couples. I want it to feel like a fun date night. We can pick a custom location to fit your vibe, you can show up rocking your own styles, and I'll ask you to tell me about your first date or what you guys connect over, while I  capture all that you are <3

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Love Stories we've been vibing with:

Tyler & Madison

Laszlo & Natasha

I've known Madi for a good many years. Over 10 years in fact, so this session was extra special! We spent the windiest, most beautiful evening of the fall wandering around the rolling hills. There's nothing better than capturing memories for someone you know and love, but even better than that is when you get to capture that person with someone they love so deeply. The love that these two share is noticeable in every interaction. In the intimate in between moments of stolen kisses and things exchanged through just eye contact, to the belly laughs and the hugs. These two are truly a team and I was enthralled. The sunset at the end of the night was just the cherry on top.

Laszlo and Natasha wanted their session to have renaissance/ fantasy/ dirty forest children vibes.. And oh boy did they deliver 👏 from tiptoeing around poison ivy barefooted to frolicking through the woods in their time period outfits.. It was magical! What a fun night!

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We would be a good fit if:
     >> You're not afraid to get dirty, wet, sandy, etc.

     >> You love the idea of getting off the beaten path.

    >>  Your vision for you session includes a good mixture of joy filled candids that show off your love and powerful poses that feel timeless.

    >>  You like my vibrant and earthy editing style.

     >> You value authenticity.

>> You have a killer inside joke that you love to share

  >> Maybe you like to adventure, hike, or camp. Are animal lovers, LoTR fans, coffee or ice cream lovers, are a little bit country (farmer's daughter here!). Maybe you're a little bit awkward in front of the camera, or feel like you don't always fit in, you like Indie/Americana/alternative music, would take a day at the lake over the beach... All of these things are my vibe and if they're yours -- then we're probably a perfect fit!


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